My Projects

These are some of the things I have created or been involved in.

This is a living list please do, get in touch if you'd like to collaborate or share any feedback.

Proverb Project

Creating a collection of carbon neutral to negative products.


An assortment of experiments. Sometimes interactive sometimes not.

Upksill Me

A platform to support the success of every young person.

Emoji Photo Booth

A website that places emojis on your face using PoseNet, ml5.js and p5.js.

Put you in better mood

A website that hopefully will do exactly what it says in the title, enjoy.

House Rai

An upcoming socially motivated agency making products that are good for everyone.


Exploring the world in data.

Micro finance

Regularly lending small amounts around the world.

Seen Recently

Things seen recently by me, free for anyone to use.

Bad Stock Photos

Not so great photos for anyone to do anything with.

Retired. A Family Treasure

Curating objects of great value. These are the stories of family treasures.

Retired. Created by schools

A project that created tools for schools.